Intis Telecommunication is a massive program which could find solution for varied issues. The mechanism helps to send message easily.

Main part

Due to the quick flow of our life and especially eager to gain time - many of us give preference messages because this kind is the fastest and the most comfortable for busy people. .

+ and -

Using bulk texting has a lot of benefits. For example:

Automated system. It signifies that there is no need to accomplish multiple actions for sending SMS. Define the assignment, and the recipients will get instruction.

Easy to use. The task is to sign up and replenish the balance. Now you are ready to write a task or spread the important offers.

Quality & price. It is convenient to know the limit and refill the balance judging from your budget. The quality of send SMS will not be affected.

Speed of delivery. A fast solution to transfer messages is about the IntisTele software. The era of carrier and fax are a survival of times past.

In modern world message is one of the most fastest ways of communication.

Among minuses of this kind of having conversation could be the lack of guarantees, that the message will be carried to the recipient.

The average time of message delivery is from 20 seconds to 3 minutes (in case the place you are settled possesses network coverage).


What options are possible for departments and industries?

Department Solutions

Every company can face such thing as optimization of every single operation. This should be done for satisfying client's needs.

Bulk texting is a perfect solution for departments. Bulk texting system considered to be a effective weapon reach each of marketing goals. For instance:

Easy automation and optimization of  timetable in campaigns. You will not neglect the fellows` birthday with the help of the SMS program.

You are free to share notifications concerning special services of your web account. It is possible to personalize each SMS and form it unique.

SMS could be implemented of the department`s everyday routine. Bulk texting  is ready to help:

To import information to XLS or CSV just with one click.

Detailed logs and online statistics will keep you updated concerning last activity and sub-account performance.

Software engineers are able to integrate Intis Telecommunication API gateway.

Thanks to the innovation it is possible to transfer multiple  messages, gather status.

Unlimited testing access to IntisTele bulk texting system gives permission for debugging your exclusive software solutions.

It is easy to start with IntisTele SDK for Java.

Intis Telecommunication plugins and widgets are created for smoothing integration of most major CMS (WordPress).

SMS commands are a rescue for sysadmins as long as they can establish remote administration and server management.

You do not necessary need internet access, as all servers can be provided by SMS commands.

Business owners also could systematize the employees' schedule with the help of this bulk texting system. Also, there are a lot of solutions which are provided for business people.

Obtaining feedback from customers via SMS.

Here it is possible to find recognizable web interface, payment options that matches every wallet and a very attractive affiliate program. Thankfully to bulk texting software:

Everybody will be happy by the speed of SMS delivery.

Solutions by industry

The bulk texting system solution is perfect choice for financial business. Bulk texting system can help to solve a range of problems of different spheres in various industries.

With the help of bulk texting solutions banks can propose the best service for the clients.

It is a perfect solution for e-commerce. With SMS service there is an alternative to set up notifications about offers.

SMS system is available in the beauty industry. It can be applied in clinics.

The bulk texting will tell users about sales in the beauty sphere.

SMS software is the best solution rise travel and transport services and make customers have the best experience in the time of their journeys.

Bulk texting could be helpful for startups and IT. This integration is required for providers.

SMS warning for providing safety. It could be applied for supplying companies.

Prices for SMS

It is convenient to refill your balance and decide the budget which you can provide. Intis Telecommunication could offer different ways to top up the balance. For example, Paypal.


API is a method, by which one computer can to connect with the other one. This program was invented to mix diverse applications in one system.

With API you are free to delete SMS mail-outs

It can be introduced to BPM.


In case you have any additional questions about the system and how it works, do not wait to visit IntisTele FAQ.

SMS guidelines

Do bulk text targeted. Divide the database into separate groups by preferences.

Since this moment you are able to deliver offers only to those who show an interest in product.

Tell your name. It would be better to specify your name right at the beginning of your text message. This technique will lead to additional concentration to your SMS and make the message unique. Clients will constantly understand company which addresses them.

Write short and sharp . One of the least unfavorable things you can figure out for your SMS mail-out is long texts.

The abundance of text in the bulk text could make the user neglect it rather than read. The short message is key to great conversions.

Affiliate program

Thanks to a unique IntisTele Affiliate program the user could have a commission for attracting first time customer. You could have up to 10% of the month's top-up balance payment, which is made by the user you have brought to Intis Telecommunication system.



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      Индия – это грязь и нищета

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